Exhibition displays and marketing – get ready to make some sales!

January 24th, 2023

Exhibitions can be the unique chance for potential customers to see your product first hand, we have a friendly guide to help you feel ready for your first exhibition, and give you an idea on how exhibition displays and marketing your company will help you get what you want to achieve.

Once you done your research and decide which one is the right event for you and your company you will have to start the first stage


What do you want to achieve with the show, if your GOAL is brand recognition or promote new products this will dictate how to approach the event. Decide on the TEAM who will be coming with you, give them specific roles, some to stay in the stand, walk around inviting people and some to oversee supplies, demonstrations and so on, a good team makes a difference.

Your BUDGET should include not only exhibition fees, exhibition displays and marketing, but also what needs to be done before the exhibition. Social media ads and mail outs to existing and potential customers will create awareness of what you have to offer.

Next on the list:

Exhibition displays and marketing material

From shell scheme to open space. The shell scheme will give you an enclosed walled area that can be used with boards to display your brand, the open space can be enclosed with a wide range of exhibition displays from pull up banners, pop up banners to modular displays.

Another way to catch potential customer’s eyes is with stand-off cut outs of your products, we can produce these in a wide range of materials for durability and easy transport.

Marketing material is key, give aways are brilliant for people to remember you afterwards, flyers and business cards can be of great help too, remember, no mater what you budget is, there is always a product that can help you stand out.

contact us and we can give you free advise on what is best for you and your products.